Written in August

Written in August prose poem

To begin with a lie will entwine cleaved interests into the one heaving body you
Wanted for this canvas
Alike and unalike as teacher and student
Cultivar and architect
Both humorless academics
One shedding layers and palls to fit the invisible walls woven into a din
The other coalescing with slutty grime to harken the colossus his friend built
Tipping sandcastles in his havens
How they fall from each other
Crumbly vine piney and flat
As a prune stretched to eclipse the sun
Hating it’s other half gravely as gravity
These things are redredgings for the millionth time
The hyperbolic mile
Fashioned into novelty scarf knots
Original wounds, but mostly the same ones in new aeronautics
Dashing and diving and pulled up by retro garments
To whisk this wheel of sulfur vanities
Stripping bare as I grow familiar
And recognize I am no longer expanding
Even this honesty is cheap
Carrying obsessions as far as the next well
Denying them by writing them over
Palimpsests with deep grooves
So clap, applaud, touch me in the places that stiffen
So I can put down this pen
And stop lying to bridge the gap
Harbors under my eyes
Woods traced in the skirts of my skin
I could be a poet simply by aging
Sharing this with my shadow
Now reattached
Silvery lashes crisp with snow
Merging in a constellation with a shade so perfect
No poetry will be required

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