El Supreme

El Supreme prose poem

Vestigial wings choke gills unbalancing tails
Latching onto me
Making an Arabic character out of my trail in the sand
Where I window shop for girlfriends to stop devolution
She’ll be perfect and symmetric
Crystal and sound
Like a moon landing shadow
Catcalling Columbus in Mad Max’s garage
I can tell the circus has been through here
All the good women are gone
Probably throwing lingerie at nylon Christmas trees in the camp
And there’s a trail of popcorn
Soggy like just the butter had been sucked out
It’s hot in this desert
And it looks as though the hand dragging from the other end of these handcuffs
Is about to have an opinion
Tickling my pant legs for change
Or maybe to sell me something
The only mirages are half-assed welcoming committees
Cupcakes melting in cornflower trestles
Navajo never won no science fairs
Flow charts suggesting we will end this quarter up
You could write a novel in those things, wouldn’t that be modern
I must’ve passed this mushroom cloud six times, connecting dots
Laying wasted HR reps to rest
Knowing they’ve done a good job
And no Charlie will come tackling picket fences in this Barbie village in Space
The beards a new direction
Demographic expansion piling on faggots of different colors, hoping they disagree
Would coffee and donuts be too much to ask for
It’s the familiar that does us in
Slip a sprig in while I’m taking too long to order
Feminizing Wall Street at the expense of Peruvian bean divas
Let them drink decaf
The apocalypse is a mass-marketing tool
We’re all pop tabs to a transhumanist monopoly
Pirating freedom off the deep web
Accidentally clicking on goat porn and pretending not to care
Crusty hermits are lining the dunes
They wanna eat me, or use me for spare parts
But I’m one step ahead, having been replaced so many times I fold under inspection
Christening my hammock every night with the creeping suspicion somebody’s Looking for me out here
Or no one is

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