The Perfect Shoe

The Perfect Shoe short poem

I slip my feet into my brand new shoe

Feel its ground, its wall, its roof

I feel edges hurting me from one side

I take it off and check my size

The size seems perfect, but the fit seems loose

I move on and try a few more shoes

While I watch the colourful pairs placed on the rack

To the first pair of shoe I keep looking back

I try it on again, and it fits like cheese

I walk a few steps in them, this time with more ease

I sit and stand and turn around and I don’t seem to fall

Those beautiful pair of heels make me look so tall

I head to the cash counter and offer to pay the bill

I feel a sense of excitement, a crazy innocent thrill

I finally glance at the other pairs one last time

They all look pretty, but not as perfect as mine

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Mahrukh Ali

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I wrote my first poem when I was 11. Ever since, playing with words and juggling with rhymes almost became second nature. Tried writing various forms but rhymes always came easy to me. Wrote everywhere I could...on class notes, in my head, in my diary. Pursued my dream, studied poetry in college (M.A. Lit) and created a career out of my creative pen. Today, I'm a creative writer by profession, but not for long. Someday I hope to publish my own book of poems! Someday...
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Editorial Board

The playfulness of this poem brings a smile as one reads..and a sense of deja vu too. A unique topic to write on and not so easy but @Mahrukh makes it look like child’s play . Nice!

Reyvrex Questor Reyes

I smile at this one as I remember childish rationalization for things that we can’t get. The one we are able to have will always be the best. Truthful.


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