God and I

God and I short poem

In this endless route called life

Where ‘m walking day or night

Every moment – every sigh

My wanderer soul, asks how and why

Where is that place, where I could find thy?

I searched for him in temples and shrines,

Also looked in skyline,

Even pursued my dreams and traveled round the globe

Just to find myself – totally lost and all alone

With that empathy, I sat on a rock

And with the setting sun came a distant thought

If God is my shadow- Then;

Why would he leave me at night?

With this question still in my mind

And amiable voice came from behind

My son – my child,

It never happened that I wasn’t with you!

I fed you as mother when you were hungry

When thirsty, as father I gave you water

As rains, stars and breeze I gave you company when you were alone

Supported you as friend – when you were down

When bewildered – as knowledge I gave you reason

When lost – as helmsman I showed you the way


You forgot what I told you

In temples, churches and mosques – I don’t reside

Nor in that place where the earth meets sky

I am there within you and every deed you do

I’ll take care of you – not only when you are alive

But I’ll hold you in my arms – even when doomsday strikes

Don’t ever thing that I’ll leave you dreary’

I am there forever with you


You are my beloved and I’ll always love you.

Then I realized my insanity,

Whom – I was searching for ahead

All the time- all my life

Was there right beside me

And in his companionship, once again

I began my endless race,


This time – I was not sequestered

For almighty was there with my every single pace

As I began my race – it was two of us

None other than thy,

God and I.

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