Naked Expressions

Naked Expressions short poem

The worn out longing rests in me

Blooming a thought sluggishly

Of times when you unwrapped within

Your touch melting my transparent skin

A heavy block of pain in throat

Zillion words thought and wrote

Your being was my poem for life

Naked expressions gasping in strife

Time and space, there are no such things

I stuck to core, you grew all wings

My existence breeds your sense and smell

A dangerously beautiful, eternal spell.

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Chandrama Deshmukh

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Chandrama Deshmukh is a writer by profession and a poet by passion. Moonlit Monochrome is her first collection of English poems. She has authored two books of Marathi poems. A storyteller of sorts, the moon is her muse. Poetry for Chandrama is that one streak of silver lining amidst the chaos of life. Being an avid reader, photography enthusiast and a part-time playwright, she believes nothing touches her soul the way poetry does.Buy a copy of Moonlit Monochrome - | | FlipKart | Infibeam | Smashwords | Google Play | Amazon KindleWhat Is Moonlit Monochrome?I am picking up pieces of life And handing them over to you. Dipped in words. And longing. This book is a map of my soul. My moonlit monochrome.- Chandrama
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Editorial Board

The warp and weft of words and emotions in this poem is like a beautiful piece of tapestry which one cannot resist reaching out and feeling. Chandrama your poem has a wonderful sense of undying passion.


Chandrama: can I just say that you are amazing! I am in love with this one!!!

Reyvrex Questor Reyes

I agree. Beautifully rhymed as well.

Michael Moyer

Nicely rhymed Your poems are awesome.

Michael Moyer

I revisit my earlier poems from time to time, sometimes it’s painful but it reminds me why I must move on. It’s a ex-girlfriend thing and the wounds are still a little fresh Do you think my poems will be published soon, It’s been about a week for the first one and just a couple of days for the second. When they do I hope you like them.

Michael Moyer

The poem is beautiful. Your starting to grow on me already.

Michael Moyer
Deepak Janardhan

‘The worn out longing rests in me’ – By using “worn out longing”, you start building a strong imagery right in the first line which grasps the reader and you continue to retain the intensity throughout.

When you finally say:

“My existence breeds your sense and smell
A dangerously beautiful, eternal spell.”

You make the feeling undeniably dangerous, yet beautiful!

Good work.

Makaylah Downs

This is such a beautiful piece! I love it.


The best poems are those where the words dissolve to palpable emotion flooding the senses. I felt this poem.


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