Now you can..

Now you can.. short poem

I do feel the pain of letting go,

stretching, pulling, dragging me across the floor,

when I stop resisting, its like a flow

pain seems less,

so I let myself go with the flow,

release all the tension stored,

I get the inner strength from the core

which says life is bigger than you,

it says, ‘well lesson learned’,

it says, ‘yes you were wrong’,

it says, ‘yes now you can move on’!

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Editorial Board

It takes courage to move on from loss and pain and yet the heart must move on…an emotion described in few but meaningful words by @Sneha.

Chandrama Deshmukh

Today, out of all days, this poem makes so much more sense to me.
“it says, ‘yes now you can move on’!”


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