A parallel universe

A parallel universe long poem

In the silence of my void
I hear a voice
The world has slept
The human babble is quiet
What is that I wonder?
A sudden mystic thunder
Keeps me awake
Day or night
I sit back with my soul
One in all but still forlorn
I could not find
The source of that sound
I search in vain
Again & again
I look in the mirror
But it echoes no sound
Just an image
Of a disheveled man
I wonder,
If these are sounds
Of my shattered dreams
And bewildered thoughts
Trying to find a way
Across a parallel universe
Right beside me
Where thoughts are things
And dreams a reality
And the soul is not separated
From the eternal reservoir of life
Where self is known
And does not hide
Behind a veiled disguise
And the world is beyond
The false conception
Of you and I
Where heart wishes to sing
The song of eternal rejoice
Where love is reciprocated
With love,
And pangs of separation
Makes no loved ones to disunite
Where hope lives forever
And does not die each night
Where who, what, why is known
And no one lives a meaningless life
Where past, present & future
All mingle into one
Where life is a dream
And dream is life
Where there is no evil
And love is the only way of life
In such a universe
A different future
I wish I could go
Till then,
Every moment of
This side of life
I will continue hearing that voice
A discord of the present life
The voice is –
A trapped sound
Within my body
Of a meaningless heart

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11 Comments on "A parallel universe"

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Such meaningful verse, so much depth and insight into the working of that which we call conscience or the self…sheer pleasure to read

Chandrama Deshmukh

There is something beautifully mystical about this poem.
It has a Rumi-ish undercurrent.
Fascinating images.

“And the soul is not separated
From the eternal reservoir of life

And the world is beyond
The false conception
Of you and I”

Beautiful @meghdutam

Molly Patton

I loved it. You put the questions perhaps all of us face on a canvas we can understand.

Swathi Rao

Interesting read!


I enjoyed reading, and wish to join that universe as this one is bad at the moment, evil doings all around the world and it would indeed be good to escape just for awhile. As your poem says the escape is within ourselves.

Balveen Cheema

A lovely reading!


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