Two Worlds

Two Worlds short poem

I see a world in the world
Life is beautiful there
I have a place there
I have peace there

Smooth and swift
Is how I be there
My dreams and my heart’s desires
All come true

A perfect world
It appears to be
All happy I am to be
In the world there

When life is perfect
In the world there
Here a cuckoo flew over
And became a mess

My world did not exist
They tell me
Its hard to believe
The words they utter

I have lived there
In tranquility
They deny
Am I supposed to accept?

My heart refuses
My mind fights
That is my world
It exists for me

Real real real
What is real?
This world confuses me
Makes me feel miserable

They take away
my loved ones
who walked beside me
all the way in that world

I have to chug on
Alone and confused
This world
I do not like

Inspired by movie “A beautiful mind”

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An avid dreamer nurturing a dream of living many lives in one life.
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