Set yourself Free!

Set yourself Free! short poem

Desire says -Want to be a free spirit,
live life like a snippet,
sing a carefree lyric,
be an inspirational lithic.
Desire says-Want to fly high,
in the seamless sky,
be happy to soar far away,
cross miles with no destination to stay!

Desire says-titter and totter like little wagtail,
hop a little on an aimless trail,
stay warm & nigh in the nest of a quail!

Desire says-like a peacock dance gracefully,
poise and beauty coupled with feathers-lovely,
feel blessed n elated when all tell me,
Oh what a beauty! none other like me!!!

Desire says-Fly and glide to land on the treetops,
with the sharp visions like those of the hawks!
to be unprejudiced and have the maneuverability,
that you can anytime go on a spree for a fancy!

Desire says-Oh! wonderful are their tiny nests and the birds,
colourful, graceful and spirited wizards,
they are nothing but miracles of thee!!
All things which are bewitching and glee,
how novel it is to be:
like the birds & set our spirits free!!!

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Writing is a passion that I will never allow to fade inside me. It all started as a small note in my school diary and I wrote my first poem when I was in class 8th. I write poems and have even contested in many poetry websites and magazines during school as well as college days.I got the novel idea of publishing my poems and started posting my poems on social platforms, since then I have been receiving excellent and positive feedback. I am basically from Bangalore and being a literature lover, I maintain a poetry blog called, please do visit this website which has the collection of my poems. Happy Writing!!
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Abhinav Saxena

Abhinav : @ Sahana By reading your poem, i feel ecstatic and this was felt from the very first line – “Want to be a free spirit” ! Your poem touches the essence of ‘Sufism’ and the Hindu philosophy of ‘freedom from bondages’! Its very touching and I should say that even the ‘desire’ should not be a ‘desire’ – a complete essence of freedom !!


Great articulation. Thanks for reading and commenting on “Intelligent Onion”.

ammu sachariah

Well written.Keep writing.


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