The Flower Shows

The Flower Shows elegy

We are not mere sepals, petals, and pollen-grains
As scientists view us under their microscopes,
But a flower, with all faculties of beauty and life,
A full bloomed blossom, the expectations and fulfillment,
The long cherished dreams of a plant on its penance.

We are not ornamental to anyone’s head, nor born
To be the wreath, of someone who dies of frustration,
And we don’t expect us to be the décor of your room,
Ourselves so sad, that you pluck us and keep us to cover
The filth and discomfort, you feel to be hidden inside.

No doubt, it’s cruel, the flower-shows, you conduct,
Exhibiting our body, not knowing the very soul of us,
You men at fault, uprooting us from our ambiance,
And placing in the fantasy of light & shades, you feel
To group and mix us blindly, improper and unfair, as you like.

We, the fish out of water, suffocating, out of breath
As you set us aside, without caring for our needs,
The sun-light, air, freedom and space to lean side to side,
For our sake, attending our own welfare, to keep on
This nature alive for the benefit of ourselves and others.

See what cruelty, men are doing against flowers
Keeping us away from the bees, butterflies and insects,
Our pollination agents, & love-brokers, so nice,
The only supporters of our continuity here, with men,
To exist and bloom all over the world, you people own.

What you do, my dear men of artificial life? keeping us
Under this tent, the gloom of wrong lights, we feel
In your luxury rooms, built for your safe stay, unlike us
That we need clean, healthy and lively air, to keep on
Spreading the fragrance, for the whole living beings.

So sad, that you spray pesticides and venomous liquids,
That spoil our natural colour and hygienic living, we like,
To sustain and survive here in this world, as flowers;
Your teachers, teaching philosophy of wrong colours,
And tastes, not born, but created that may cease to exist.

The comments, we listen from your men, the spectators,
Oh, horrible, ‘this I like & this I don’t like’ the ignorance,
They express, without knowing the quality of any of us;
Simply remarking their likes and dislikes, without caring,
Who they are to like and dislike others’ style and quality?

See, flowers are not like men; living without any polish,
No painting to cheat each other; and we don’t show,
Anything that’s not of ours, as our own, but are proud
With what we really have, whatever honey or fragrance
That we have, or have not, smiling stable & fair always.

Sorry sir; your shows, the flower-shows and dog shows,
Pet-shows and wild shows, fashion-shows and kid-shows
All alike, seemed to be, the show of arrogance and pettiness,
All in one, the human ignorance, so dark, full of gutters,
Just like a rough road from the hill top to the valley, so steep;

Not knowing, you too would fall down once, as a flower,
That your pets, flowers and kids know, of your pride,
And prejudice, that you show off on the risk of others,
The outward exhibitions of your pettiness, selling the beauty,
You never own, but of others, that you claim as yours.

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CP RAJASEKHARAN ( Brief Biography) CP Rajasekharan, the well-known writer and broadcaster was born and brought up in an Indian village, North Parur of Ernakulam district in Kerala state. Started preprimary education from own mother and joined in local LP School for primary education; finished upper primary and higher secondary Lessons from Govt. High School & SNV Sanskrit High School, North Parur. Associated with the ‘Sarvodaya Movement’ (Peace and welfare for all) of Gandhi Peace foundation, and worked with its social welfare activities in the village and became the chairman of its children’s wing, at the age of 13. Participation in the literary and social activities, apart from studies aided him to prove himself as a best student, an all-rounder in the campus and elected as the school leader, while studying in 10th class of SNV Sanskrit High School. Later, became elected as the magazine editor, arts club secretary, general secretary and chairman continuously in the yearly college union election; and successfully completed graduation & post-graduation in Sanskrit language & literature with prizes and honours from Govt. Sanskrit College and University College of Trivandrum. Staged the first play, at the age of five and started acting as a child artist in famous plays presented by the professional theaters of the state. Started writing scripts for amateur children’s theater at the young age itself, associating with various theater groups. Stories, plays and poems have been published in school, college magazines and local publications, during student life itself. Joined All India Radio with a career in electronic media and worked for Radio & TV, in various capacities from the post of Program presenter to the post of the Director of Radio & TV; and served in media for 35 years covering various states of India.That was an opportunity to win national and international reputation in scripting directing and producing Stage, Radio & TV programs. The Radio profession was an indirect force to write and do productions with innovative ideas capturing the listeners’ appreciation. The first full-fledged, play, ‘HOMAM’, (The Oblation) was broadcast in 1976, that received high appreciation from radio listeners all over the state and successfully continued the broadcast and publication of poems, lyrics, stories musical features, documentaries and plays that became a part of the job since 1976. The first book, ‘Moonnu Vayasanmaar’ (Three Old Men) written as a Radio Drama, on old-age agony, in 1982 and published later as a stage play in 1986, enabled to receive the ‘Literary Academy Prize’, the prominent award of Sahithya Academy of the State. Then blessed with the receipt of other awards and reputation that includes the ‘Award of the State Academy of Music and Theater’, ‘National Awards of All India Radio’, (for several programs and productions many times), best ‘Public Service Broadcaster Award’ of India and the ‘Television Award’ of the State. Studied English literature, philosophy, and psychology, in the meantime, by own effort and received an additional degree in Education from Calicut University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counseling from Kerala University that enabled to start the Radio & TV counseling programs. Received training in Radio Drama production & direction from Germany, TV direction and production from the National Film Institute, Pune of India and obtained the Media Management Training from, staff training institute, Bhubaneswar, India. Presently conducting counseling programs, on education, career and family problems as a full time charity service and taking demonstration lectures, on personality development and peaceful living, associating with hospitals, educational institutions and social organizations all over the state, to uplift the poor youngsters, with motivation therapy and psychotherapy. Destitute, isolated boys and girls, disturbed in life, were rescued and taken to own home for a short stay with own family and children and train them with needful educational and career guidance to lead the helpless youth, into a peaceful and successful life. Written more than 300 lyrics, already broadcast from All India Radio Stations of Kerala & Madras, with the association of great film personalities and published nearly 40 books and 3000 articles, on various topics, reacting to social problems, happening in the world, with own comments and opinion, to stop anarchy brutality and corruption in the state. Retired from National TV and Radio of India as its Director, and started working as the Student coordinator and Media Manager of Indira Gandhi National Open University, receiving the invitation of Indira Gandhi National Open University. Later received invitation, as the Editor of a Malayalam News Paper, Suprabhatham; and worked with them for one year in Calicut. Awarded with the Tagore National fellowship of the Ministry of Culture, India; and did research on the Performing arts of India, to be published by the Sangeet Natak Academy, the National academy of Music, Dance & Theater. Presently working as the Editorial Consultant for the books & journals in the publications division of the ministry of information & broadcasting of India. Also associating with MG University, Kerala University, Calicut University, Indira Gandhi National Open University and Malayalam University of Kerala, as the External Examiner, member of the board of studies, Expert committee-member, visiting professor etc. and presenting demonstration lectures in various universities of India.CP RAJASEKHARAN 9447814101
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