New Pandora Box!

Today’s pandora box
is possessed,
spirits within are legion,
living bogeys are numerous,
ever so often drunk,
every day pandora
hypnotizes followers,
24/7 pandora mesmerizes-
making billions
addicted to vacuum tube.

Ancient gods-
mild or ferocious-
pandora has rebranded,
package by media,
deliver into homes
through ELD, LED, CTR,
plasma, digital light,
subtly venerated
all day long.

Hermes-god of commerce-
gold, silver, and copper,
pandora promotes,
love for mammon-
from Juventus and Hebe-
pandora plants in youth’s
mind to pursue sublunary.

Epicurean-fun, leisure, and
pandora remake,
Dionysus and
it christen-god of
new Apollo god
entertains mankind
with music.

Sports-indoor and outdoor-
professional and amateur,
pandora makes enchanting,
fight for glory and awards
pandora shamefully

Compete for honors,
medals, and prizes
on alter of greed,
doping, and dishonesty,
pandora never question;
Nike and Victoria
it celebrates
from sea to sea.

Eros and Aphrodite-
sex and beauty gods-
it redefines-
modified sexual relations,
pandora advertise
to make look normal.

From porn to
multiple sex partners,
deviant sex behaviors-
debauched to unrestrained
drama-sitcom, soap opera,
pandora reprograms mind
to make look acceptable.

Far from sanity and reason,
violence man glorifies-
violent video games,
pandora makes wonted,
shooting, murder, fighting,
expletive or foul speech,
Ares-god of war-turns to
mankind chants everyday.

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Silas O. Abayomi

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Communication expert, education researcher, pollster, gender/physically challenged advocacy, linguist, poet, and a writer.
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