Babylon ode

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and Tigris,
I was located,
Ancient gods
found home in me,
Beliefs I professed
were numerous,
Yoke-I placed-upon
Life buried in religious
activities-I encouraged,
On top of hanging
garden my beauty
Nations far and near
feared me with awe.

Because of the great rivers,
I’remained impregnable,
All enemies I subdued,
Before me was a
ginormous wealth,
I lived in luxury and
Year-round-I lack
Like-lion-I roared,
Over the world-
I ruled upon,
our king-made it

Babel was in
Aggression my way of
Brutality from me know
no bounds,
Yet-God of heaven-
I did not fear,
Licentious life-
trademark in the
city of gods,
Ogre to world around me,
Nothing I cared about.

Pronto my end
Anon glory in me
Posthaste-power and
influence-I lost,
good things in me

I became an object of
ridicule for centuries,
in time I represented
everything evil,
for centuries I stood
for everything ungodly,
today-I’m forgotten,
lay in ruins

No soul live in me,
no single house is
found in me,
no male singer in me,
no female choir in me.

No father in me,
no mother in me,
no generation line
in me,
no cry of baby is
heard in me anymore,
but bleating, cry,
and wailing of nightjar.

No tambourine in me,
no cymbal, no drum,
nothing that call for
joy lives in me again.

No exultation in me,
no joy and pleasure
in me again,
no excitement at city
no beautiful shout at
my gates anymore,
no more river front
I love to watch
between Euphrates
and Tigris.

Oh! No more shout for
victory after returning
from war,
no more hanging garden,
no more maiden at temple

Oh! Babylon-where is
your glory?
Babylon-where is
your decoration?
In a day your
beauty disappeared,
in an hour your greatness

Babylon-you became-
slaves like captives
within your gate,
with yoke-you served-
foreign kings,
in time you were
effaced from earth.

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Silas O. Abayomi

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Communication expert, education researcher, pollster, gender/physically challenged advocacy, linguist, poet, and a writer.
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