A Martyr’s Eulogy

A Martyr’s Eulogy elegy

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On my way to work,
Whenever I pass through
The Holy Trinity church,
After a brief prayer,
The tombstone of a martyr
My eyes never fail to search
As his eulogies sensitive cords
Are sure to touch!

I admire
The tombstone’s design
A flickering torch,
Whose tongue
Is the martyr ’s statue,
That talks loud his virtue!

“Holy Trinity
Till I crossed the river of death
Allegedly, striped of my health,
Poisoned by evil doers,
Who hanker
By unfair means
To amass wealth,
I had been
A public servant
Adherent to my faith! ”

“Holy Trinity
To abide by
Your commandment-
Don’t steal-
Was my desire
Also to pull out millions
From poverty’s quagmire.

Across the board development,
Working better than one’s best,
Efficient resource utilization
Also drew my attention! ”

“Holy Trinity
A generation
To corruption averse
Is all-out
The bad scenario
In my country
To reverse.
A generation for
A developmental thrust
That has lust.

I have come to understand
The coming up of
Many a lass and lad,
Whose rights that demand
I need no more reward,
When in front of you
This way I stand
Justice to demand! ”

Children of Oromia,
Ethiopia’s elephantine branch,
You have to detach
Your state, your country
From the impudent
And the corrupt
That still exercise
The outmoded
Divide and rule
As a fool .

A corruption fighter
Development’s workforce
Is also a hero
Like Ethiopia’s
Valorous and dear sons
Balcha Abanefso
Geresu Duke,Abdisa Aga
And Jagama Kelo.

Children of Oromia
Giving to divisive guys
A deaf ear,
You should hold your
Country Ethiopia,
A cradle of mankind
And civilization, dear
Do not forget
Adding up
Is the current road map

Evil doers
Killing a hero
Could not bring
The change drive
To zero.

As a poet what I can say
“Evil doers
Stop to opt for
Devilish way!
But if you
Keeping going astray
You will go
To the grave in
Ignominious way!”//

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About the authorAlem Hailu G/Kristos is a published author from Ethiopia. He is a poet, novelist, translator, editor, critic and journalist. He has an M.A. in Literature from Addis Ababa University. Most of his works have been featured in the arts and culture columns of different newspapers. He has contributed to poetry anthologies worldwide. He has award-winning poems and short stories.He is an emerging Ethiopian poet, translator, and author in all literary genres in the English language.He is penetrating the global book market and stamping a footprint on the firmament of literature.If you peruse his work, you might note a local touch and national sentiment, such as in “Come to Ethiopia” and “Great Tidings.” He plays an ambassadorial role in several international poetry blogs representing countries from Australia to America. His poems have proved popular.He has achieved a global presence via www.poemhunter.comwww.writeoutloud.com www.poetrypoems.com www.allpoetry.com www.novelcollective.com / Australia www.highonpoems.com www.poemabout.com www.poemlist.com www.hellopoetryHis books and blog posts showcase the talent of an Ethiopian author and have been warmly received by publishers from Europe to America, including www.united -p.c.eu, (Austria), www.lulu.com (America), and www.trafford.com (America).From these publishers and Amazon, you can order his books, which aim to be entertaining, edifying, and style-showing and to seek an outlet for the east African voice, find a niche for Ethiopian authors in the global literary scene, and teach the English language through literature. Schools, colleges, universities, libraries, bookstores, and the cultural departments of different embassies could benefit from making his works available on their shelves.To foreigners, his work could serve as a window into another culture.His works include 1) Poetry contributions1.1 Remembering Spring, A Poem Anthology, www.allpoetry, CrateSpace ISBN9781539883760 1.2 www.united.pc.eu 8th publication 1.3 A Poem Anthology Poets Unite Worldwide Contributed poems to over six poetry anthologies representing Ethiopia2) In the Vortex of Passion's WindA poetic drama on the wrong turns of life, HIV, and AIDS crosscut with issues concerning youth. It is also meant to serve as a language teaching material for higher learning institutions and preparatory schools. A useful resource for performing artists.ISBN: 978-3-7103-2109-2 www.united-p.c.eu Austria3) A Boon of Classic Poems(Translation in Amharic) A collection of selected classic poems By Alem Hailu G/Kristos ISBN: 978-1-312-94998-0 www.lulu.com America4) A Vent to Stifled Emotion A debut collection of poems By Alem Hailu ISBN: 978-1-4907-5675-2(sc) 978-1-4907-5674-5(e) www.traffordpublishing.comAmerica5) The Truth and Dawn and Other Palatable Short Stories of Both Mix: Art for Art's Sake and Life's Sake By Alem Hailu G/Kristos IBN 978-1-329-43915-390000 www.lulu.com America6) Pupil's poems (Full Color)Rhyming poems for pupils and learners of the English language. Systematically selected words and expressions to upgrade the language proficiency of pupils. Inspires pupils to read as well as write poems. Lulu.com, America ISBN: 58001110904727) Hope from the Debris of HopelessnessA novel in the pipeline with the theme "Disability is not inability."8) Blue Sister River Vilija in the Lens of New and Marxist Criticism. ISBN 978-3-330-06561-1.pdf Lap Academic Publication,Germany
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