Food elegy

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Life is like food. You are born into life as a fruit, vegetable, or meat. You grow and both plant and animal we always have trouble. Then we grow and grow and we’re all grown up. All ready to get into our new lives. Then you have two ways to go. One, you are born in freedom so you can do whatever you like to do and live a good life and die a peaceful death. The other way. You are born to a nasty little farm where you are slaughtered and eaten by your boss. You are chewed, crunched, swallowed and then the rest of your life is miserable. All your energy is sucked up as you live the rest of your life in a tunnel and when you finally get out it’s time for you to die and you’re dead. You die as a hated piece of shit that everyone hates and is disgusted by. Everyone moves away from you even after you die. No one goes near you or even glances at you. You’re just a dead piece of shit. Born the wrong way. Slowly just seeking into the grounds unnoticed. Unknown.

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