The River

The River ode

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As The River flows – my life completes itself..

An enlightened tryst with the almighty,
Created by destiny, I was born

To flow like a never ending river
A tough undefined journey, quintessentially alone

The Himalayas promised me the purity of evolvement
But a bheeshmaesque pledge of giving was made my eternal ornament

a convergence of energy and tapasya made my current omnipresent
Absorbing all that life offered me,
Quietly flowing towards my meaningful descent

As I flow touching shores of all spiritual awaking, Beyond any parameter
A consummation of learning and teaching as promised by my creator

My joy feeds on fulfillment of life and bliss,
My entity sustains its totality fuelled by this

as father time looks at me from his perched summit
Revelling in my life’s beads of shining sweat

I must and I have to flow, giving my life’s existence its complete quest
Till the Mighty Ocean envelops me tightly ,So I can finally rest……

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