Perfect Myself

Perfect Myself short poem

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I am who I am
Nothing else just myself
No concentration, no dillutions
Just only the way I am..
You may think me as illusion
But I exist in real
I am who I am

For those out who wish to change me
Or ask me for additions or deletions
Let me get straight to you
That I am not a maths equation
Asking your favour for solution
As I am who I am

Some say my values are week
Few calls me a geek
And those who dont know me enough
Concludes me by saying freak..
But there’s no way I will change
As I am not a fancy game

I am who I am
No changes, no conditions
Free to my will, real to my soul
As I am tha unadultrated version of
What I am
Just the perfect myself

Strong enough to blow the world
As I am for real in this unreal world
I am what I am

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Shraddha Gauhar

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I am a free soul.. living my life in deepest way.. Creating n living for happiness
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