Strength long poem

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An instant explosion
a title wave
oh its burning up inside!
What did you expect
a pat on the back?

Nothing is as it seems
with masks parading
every where
no realness in this realm.

Its all make believe
nothing is as it seems
and its nothing like the
first glance!

Confused not so much
puzzled just a bit
angered red hot
did I expect it ?

off course!!
I just didn’t know
when but off course!!

Once water becomes lukewarm
it always tends to
looses its flavor.

and who gets the punch?
well whoever is around.

As I stare down to the ground
not uttering a sound
within my frown the steam
starts to cool down
forming a smile
as I walk down the
passage, I know it hurts
at first but once you think of it all
you take it in and become strong.

Creating a better version as you go along.

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BioBeula Kapp born as a artistic soul developed the love of poetry, art and music In her early teens.Her poetry is filled with passion, life, struggles, questions that relates to the everyday person. She enjoys not only writing poetry, short stories, flash fiction but reading it as well, thus she enjoys being part of online writing communities where she is able to contribute, read and communicate with other artists.
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