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Since all it began and people learnt;
Since man got his name
And gained all those earthly fame-
The same history has been repeated again and again-
Both good and bad; both hard and rapt;
The blood, the blood- sometimes hot and sometimes cold-gat.

And so many centuries are dead now.
Only the memory’s eye makes million heaps,
Yet man has been continuing to be immature,
Busy in creating the false pages of history-
Never craving for growing up;
Never wanting to put an end of what should be nipped in bud.
And has not yet understood:

The meaning of the word, ‘Sky’ is not-
The 1946 Burning Sky of Hirosima
And the tampering cloud of Nagasaki
Or encaged roof of the modern Syrian one.

Neither the word ‘Man’ does contain any barbed fence,
Nor any God named great is running the world.
Even in this age of faithless faith
Man fails to make out his main religion-
And fights for everything fake in life.

Even he fails cognizing that
All religions are mere fairy tales;
And those who are addicted to this drug
Can’t hear the hefty outcry
Of even the dustup child of a close neighbor;
But only the lover of crafty roars.

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