Things Are Never As They Seem

Things Are Never As They Seem long poem

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Plain jane
Jane is insane
Band tees and sneakers
Things are never as they seem

She walks the walks
Talks the talk
To herself while walking down the street
A strut in her step
To her own beat
There is a radio show
In her head
On constant stream
Things are never as they seem

She has a tic
But not like tack, and toe
Hallucinations put on a show
Paranoia starts to grow
3 of her symptoms hit in a row
Is this a psychotic episode?
This all happens deep in her brain
Outwardly, she looks at peace
With a fake smile on her face at least
Even in pain, she always gleams
Things are never as they seem

On her bed, her sorrows unfold
Tenfold, her depression unravels
Deep into gravel
She wants to be buried
So all of her worries
Can be laid to rest
It takes the best of her
Which dies
She dies
But hides her pain
She still laughs through her tears that stream
Things are never as they seem

Emotionally unstable
Mentally unable
To process emotions
There is a disproportion
Of serotonin and dopamine
Which means
She is an unbalanced little girl
In a big scary world
Who can’t function properly
And relies too much on psychiatry
To get her by
But you wouldn’t know how much she is struggling
She doesn’t show it
The world will never hear her scream
Things are never as they seem

You will never see her give up
You will never see her complain
You will only see her fight
You will never see her fright
She is a 21st century warrior
She knows she will go far in life
With big goals, aspirations, and dreams,
This is the only time that things are what they seem

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Rayanne Esparza

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I am 21 years old, and have a burning passion for writing about topics that aren't discussed at the dinner table mainly in the style of free verse. Metal, punk rock, and poetry are 3 things that calm me down, and help me express my most inner raw emotions.
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