A Eulogy To A Grandpa From A Grandson!

A Eulogy To A Grandpa From A Grandson! long poem

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Men rise, men die but a few live on in eternity,
There are kings, there are mortals
and there are those who are immortals
but a few are engraved in the silhouettes of history.

There was a lion who once roared that it never fished in troubled waters,
but took fish out of troubled waters.

He was destiny’s cutest child when he began,
Became fate’s dearest enemy at fourteen.
The yoke tightened, he ploughed at life with a smile,
Winning every defeat with swaggers on the fighter’s mile.

The fighter fought with his pen of destiny,
rose from obscure parades to a marauder’s finality.
Friends worshipped him while enemies treasured his furious adage,
as he painted life’s forgotten scriptures with the finesse of a warrior on rampage.

The lion roared that it never fished in troubled waters,
but took fish out of troubled waters.

He kissed the pinnacles of glory as he sculptured a few soldiers who rewrote telugu history,
The pen wielded vigor and power, both in times of money and penury.
The torment of death and defeat failed before his fortitude,
and the pinnacle summoned its recluse to trumpet his fall into solitude.

The lion shook his mane, roared with pride,
None it sought, none it desired, yet the world beat a path to its mane.
Its greatest delight was its honest pride,
Its fitting hobby was to brush the pride of its mane.

The lion pronounced that it never fished in troubled waters,
but took fish out of troubled waters.

Now the lion and its pride is still and frozen,
Breathless and lifeless, carved in the memories of thousands from everlasting to everlasting.
and deeply written on the tablet of my heart the story of my dearest grandpa,
As a great legacy left behind to inherit for his dearest grandson.

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