The eternal mother

The eternal mother long poem

Far away from mankind and society, far I wandered.

Through bleak plains and screeching drums,

Dragging along my body, weary from the residues of development,

My eyes are sore from enduring all this mortal architecture that’s slowly diminishing in my rear view mirror.

My eyes are beset upon that elevation yonder

A small distance through a more acquainted settlement and I’ll arrive

In mountains they dwell now, all clustered together

A solemn forest bearing a sight of majesty

In exile from civilization, a bereavement not so hopeless after all.

Through winding roads I found them

A witness to a sight that’s unbearable in beauty

Inexpressible in the tongue I know, surpassing the capabilities of languages

Its benevolence too great to be captured in verse.

Words fall short, they are of no value here

They were not made by humans

They evade all lyrical justice

They will stand mute and mighty in defiance of any such meager attempt.

Born of nature, these forests are ethereal, silent spectators to change

They have given so much without the desire to be sung of

Yet, quietly, they fall victims to man’s temerity

They will not avenge their injustice with any presumed purpose.

I stray deeper into their home

The noise within my head fades with each forward step

My tired eyes open wide to absorb what I behold

The conversations between my senses subside, unable to comprehend this stimulus.

I see browns of many shades and an equal spectra of green

The symphony of nature in all its glory

The wind’s instrument conducts the symphony here

It’s no mortal hand.

The leaves rustle and sway as if in a ballet

The thunder rolls above my head urging the ground below my feet to vibrate in percussion

The grey clouds pass over, filtering the sunrays

It’s a kaleidoscope of the wild, a show that’s grander than all that money can buy.

I stand stripped of my identity in receptive obeisance

The rumble echoes away revealing a renewed silence

I can see it has settled upon the leaves

I can touch it on these coarse barks.

The rains fall unannounced yet in oblique expectancy

Another movement begins, stealing the silence like a seasoned thief

Swiftly cutting through the misty shroud like slanting silver arrows

I throw my head back to moisten my face.

From my feet rises the perfume the earth wears

The fragrance from her bosom fills my lungs, renewing my spirit

I walk on further into her womb

Its a trance I am in, my silence weaving itself into its beauty which surrounds me, binding us.

The clouds yet again sieve the sunlight like a prism

Bathing me in that golden light that pours from above

The glistening velvet greens in all its lustrous embellishment

The cool moist breeze lifts me off the ground.

My body is of this earth

My spirit is not

It is set afloat from my earthly being

As a feather from a bird that swiftly changed its flight course.

I’ll always be at home here

Amongst my mighty friends, my mother in the depths of nature

It saddens me that I’ll inevitably have to go back whence I came

Back to my earthly plot, my foster home.

To fulfill the demands of the role I will for myself forge

Pieces of me that time and tide shall purge

Of a son, a brother, a lover or a traitor

A thief, a seeker, a friend and a saviour.

Thence I will find out what shall become of me

A crack in a dream or the Ring of Fire in an eclipse?

In that, I will never sever my intangible umbilical cord with the eternal mother;

The source of all my nourishment…to carry on putting foot ahead of foot.

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I plan weekends at work and worry about schedules when on a vacation. I sniff petrol while refueling my bike, now why would I not enjoy the ride! Work! I feel like a gymnast in golf clothes. My Monday Blues! They are almost black as my lungs. Oh women! You know one but can you tell them all. I wait on company with a pocket full of friends. I chase life while it chases me.
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Chandrama Deshmukh

What a wonderful trip amidst nature!
Can’t get over the imagery. You have brought it to life.

And I love your bio too 🙂


I held my breath and read again. A beautiful journey indeed, I myself walked with you
on the second reading and feel at peace just now.


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