Tragic Struggles And Relevant Successes

Tragic Struggles And Relevant Successes short poem

I want to live and touch the sky
But on my bed I still lie
While many moments pass by
I still wait for the pain to die
Humble I was till sorrow struck
Living in misery was my luck
So now under a table I hide and duck
In eternal hardships I’m stuck
I don’t recognize my face in the mirror
An unknown visage fills me with horror
All I know, tragedy strikes at every corner
In this mystic world of paladins and aurors
I try to answer my conscience
Guilt ridden I fall back to reminiscence
I purge into my soul and extract it’s innocence
I feel forgiving scents like that of incense
Through cacophonies i hear music
Tunes of happiness make me nostalgic
I turn my back to all things tragic
I shield myself from evil through divine magic
Even when all around is filthy and gory
I will search and gather my inventory
I will find the path that leads to glory
For now I shall write my very own story

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2 Comments on "Tragic Struggles And Relevant Successes"

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Editorial Board

@anuraagbaishya, the boldness of your poem rings of Henley in the Invictus. It is good to have dedication to an ideal and determination to make a life story of success. That’s alright, everyone must have a dream, or living would be just mechanical, day in and day out. You have the rhyme, add some measurement to your line, the iambic or other meter of your preference and you are well on your way. Write on.

Nikita Mehendiratta

Nice poem. Took me From dreamy world to some place of real truth regarding oneself then to realization of one’s own potential leading to hope and faith in oneself. Dedication is the key for sure.


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