A Belated Cc Das Kapital Wicked Candle Box Event For Karl Marx

Born May 5, 1818, in Trier Germany 
     to Heinrich and Henrietta Marx,
sans the third of nine children 
     (and second oldest heir) 

     Karl Marx thinking begot incendiary sparks,
asper his two most controversial publications 
     titled The Communist Manifesto, 
     and Das Kapital

which political philosophy
incubating seeds
of self destruction didst birth
doctrines of class struggle, 

     historical materialism, dearth
of equitable wealth, and inherent 
     contradictions of industrial capital 
     distributed unevenly 
     across avast swath of Earth 

thus inviting his perspective 
     (conveniently exploited, 
     mined, and usurped) advocating 
     the working class (proletariat)
     to expedite organized revolutionary action
to topple capitalism and bring about 
     socio-economic emancipation,
where wages of sin exchanged for labor bled

fingers to the bone life source, viz proletariat
till slaving laborer nearly became gratefully dead
despite being encased in 12 point
Times New Roman garb, who incessantly fed

insatiably maws of production,
(no way to get a supportive talking head)
particularly highlighted
within schema of Capitalism),

a predominant paradigm
stratifying society led
to internal tensions engendered
between bourgeoisie red
dilly controlling means
     of production codified as said
as die a critical approach Marx coined 
     as historical materialism,
    where figurative landmines

forced one to tread 
gingerly, thus above stated philosophy 
     would supposedly lead down the road 
     where self destruction wrought marriage 
     birthing Socialism offspring from shot gun wed

     ding, thus coaxing eventual establishment 
of classless communist society meant
to establish free association of Indie producers who spent
exchanging merchandise amidst classless 
     campy population hood pitched a tent.

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Matthew Scott Harris

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çhåråc†e® ske†çh øƒ m円hew sçø†† hå®®is! ™Born in Cincinnati that buckeye state January 13th 1959 – 57+ years to date A tangle of arms & legs testing lungs, which sounded great He kind of resembled a misshapen octopus with oval pate Glowering inxs of deep purple from blue mood being irate Thrust out the womb of Harriet Harris whom Boyce did date After courting this youngest Kuritsky kin whose ill-fate Whisked by grim reaper, which demise she did hate For her being imbued with vim and vinegar til illness ate Away her je nais sais quois personable maternal trait Evident during my boyhood reflected by her son of late As he too inches closer to his mortality and Hades gate Aware that each day ought to be cherished as the rate Of time courses down zip line where grim reaper does wait Attired in brand name hoodie swinging scythe across oblate Spheroid i.e. terrestrial firmament – though years some great Yet to be lived – trying to re cap cha childhood bliss b4 freight Train on a collision course toward self-destruction ala tete a tete With Anorexia Nervosa as thy then coveted deadly mate A brutal hellish spiral down in2 abysmal depths of despair did create Indelible psychological affects undermined existence I now equate writ horrendous emotional, physical n social gouge within pate Pledged troth ('bout 2+ decades ago), which spouse oft times berate For lack of expressed concern and attests schizoid psychic slate irrevocably seared and stunted natural development where I rate prepubescent, early adulthood mental illness did grate Against once boisterously playful innocent boy crushed potentate Only male heir from me deceased mother who tried to extirpate Mailer daemons who forged suicide pact and via voice did dictate Albeit without success, yet decry forsaken innate Experiences with female relationships off viz poisoned bait!
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