Love’s footsteps

Love’s footsteps short poem

As the beggars that never rest,
when I knock and knock
on closed doors,
don’t ask me ‘why?’.

As the waves that never tire,
when I pour and pour myself
on heartless rocks,
don’t ask me ‘why?’.

I am just another fool
following love’s footsteps.

As the dogs that never sleep,
when I bark and bark
at the distant moon,
don’t ask me ‘why?’.

As the guitar that never gives up,
when I strum and strum my heart
for unyielding beauty,
don’t ask me ‘why?’.

I am just another fool
following love’s footsteps.

As the moths that never learn,
when I throw and throw myself
into thirsting flames,
don’t ask me ‘why?’.

As the candle that never stops,
when I burn and burn my soul
to give birth to light,
don’t ask me ‘why?’.

I am just another fool
following love’s footsteps.

I am just another fool
following love’s footsteps.

This poem is part of the Poetry Book Oblivion

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Balaji Gopalan

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I owe all of my poetry to the influence of Pablo Neruda. Reading him 10 years ago on the beaches of Goa, gave me the permission to be who I am and write what I feel. My poetry has never been the same after that. All that I write is an offering to Neruda.
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