Chase Me

Chase Me short poem

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Voltage charges power lines’ high wires
All honest men die liers
Her electric current runs tight by pliers
My fires burn, they breathe, ash, and smoke
Held so tightly I couldn’t help it my hand broke
Shattered into a million tiny pieces a grand joke
Land woke along with the audience laughing hysterically
They bestow mathematics graphing his scary glee

I’m getting away so chase me
This isn’t a race see
This is a fight so face me
I’m getting away so chase me

The lights were let low, dim, and evanescent
Fleeting like religion into a curved depression heaven crescent
Legs like giraffe necks let out pressure and let in pleasant
Petting present, patronizing past, and prolonging procrastination
There was no wronging so blast the nation
There was a sense of belonging though asked as station
Glow past mutation into a perfect uniformly rendered snowflake
You knew, for my loss was not without having surrendered woe ache

Giants towered like skyscrapers with beating hearts weighed when unsure
Masculine men made miniature
Sentimental concepts submerged currency we trade literature
Switchblade signature signs sharp, scissors safely showing
It was magic what we had the wizards stately knowing
A spell cast of blizzards gravely blowing
Mirrors may be growing, expanding my mind, letting it go where it wants to go
Letting it grow, rare it haunts you so…

Chase me for I’m getting away
Trace me for I am the lines that make the picture, the shadow setting doomsday
Space free of self created lies, of insecurities, of offsetting melee
Chase me the colors are vivid in enhanced saturation with you when alone I’m forgetting the grey

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