Forever mine

Forever mine short poem

It was first an argument,
then it became a fight,
it was almost over,
when I called him last night

Fear was running after,
silent I was for a while,
knowing that he was right,
I said sorry with a smile

Teasing me like always,
I realized everything was fine,
so we decided to continue,
till the end of time

I was as if relieved again,
when he could not lie,
and ended his words,
saying he is only mine.

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I have a dream.. A dream about making people aware of my poems... For me,poem is a divine feeling.. Something that comes by itself.. No hard thought..and no hard invention.. I write to help people know that this life is a mystery.. You read, you understand it your way... Others read, they understand it their way... Life is a poem...a mysterious one....
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Rocean Sharma

@keshavii 🙂 nice lines


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