You are water

You are water short poem

With your hair loose,
when you cry your heart out, I say,
‘my love, you are a water fall’.

you say, ’yes, I am’.

with swaying hips,
when you walk down the streets, I say,
‘my love, you are a river’.

you say, ‘yes, I am’.

with your huge body all spread out,
when you lie to sleep, I say,
‘my love, you are an ocean’.

you say, ‘yes, I am’.

as the water, you have many faces. but, I can take you.

I can take you as waves,
rising and falling to the beat of my heart.

lesser still,

I can take you as a dewdrop,
lying on a leaf of my heart.

lesser still,

I can even take you as a mirage,
teasing me,  deceiving me.

lesser still,

I can even take you as a pond
in some temple that probably I would never visit.

I can take you my love, I can take you
because eye to eye, I have known this.
you are not many but one.

as the water that goes on being water
through ponds and waterfalls,
through rivers and clouds,
through ice and steam,
I have known that you go on being yourself
through your appearances.

come to me with your many many faces.

fall into my mouth as raindrops.

burst forth from my soul as springs.

run to meet me, as a stream.

rinse me, with your sweat and saliva.

let me seek you out as a rain cloud
in the vast sky.

This poem is part of the Poetry Book Oblivion

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Balaji Gopalan

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I owe all of my poetry to the influence of Pablo Neruda. Reading him 10 years ago on the beaches of Goa, gave me the permission to be who I am and write what I feel. My poetry has never been the same after that. All that I write is an offering to Neruda.
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Editorial Board

@Balaji_Gopalan, it is amazing how you could carry on with the lofty language of figurative speech, then dive down to the simplicity and frankness of everyday utterances. It adds to the novelty of your approach, and may imbue the joy akin to being in a rollercoaster ride. The more your poem becomes interesting. It could have been not written any better. Thanks for sharing.


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