Never Mind

Never mind

He’s a cool cat, as a matter of fact
And there ain’t no doubting how you feel about that.
Whilst I am just a pig wallowing in the mud
And I will never be good enough.

She is an ice Queen;
She ain’t no nice day dream.
She will only cause pain
And she is coming for me.

I don’t want you;
Your love is worthless.
It has lost all its meaning because you are an adulteress.
You are no Princess.

Still she is coming to ruin my life,
But I have my garlic and cross;
She screams, I cry.

What have we become when this is all we have?
You can take this love back;
It ain’t worth Jack.

Once it was overwhelming,
Now it is depressing.
Love is not what it used to be;
You have ruined everything.

This curse on my soul leaves me in the dark,
As to how to find sunlight,
When you have my heart.

Tear it apart!
Do me a flavour.
You can keep it, I mean it!
Adios! See you later!

Still she calls and still is my hand.
She never gave a damn,
So never mind her plans.

Oblivion is calling;
Let me be gone to absentia.
Let her desire me and miss me;
Give me amnesia and dementia,
So I can just forget her.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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