Points, Planes And Lines

Points, Planes And Lines ode

Photo by Bogdan Tomsa

To not knowing many things before entering this class, I didn’t imagine how much it is used all over the world. Any type of subject revolving around math is universal.
From learning about points, lines and planes
And knowing that a point specifies a certain location
a line requires at least two points
And a plane requires at least three points in order to be formed.
There are also colinear points, meaning that there are two points
Along the same line.
Different kinds of lines also exist, such as parallel lines, perpendicular lines,
And skew lines.
Parallel lines are like two things that will never touch, even though they share the same plane.
Perpendicular lines are like when two things meet, because they form a 90 degree angle.
And skew lines are non coplanar, meaning they are not on the same plane.
With all of these simple components of geometry that are stated, they all require space.
Without planes, lines and points, how would our buildings stand still?
How would we be able build bridges instead of breaking them?
Would we be able to know the world as it seems to be? Or would we just wonder how the world could’ve been?

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