Matter long poem

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Stop laughing
Start crying
Stop trying
Start dying
Giving up
Now giving in
All because you think you can’t win
This race isn’t yours
You don’t keep score
You hit the floor
You say
“I can’t and won’t take anymore”
You start to plan
Your action plan
Time to see what supplies you have on hand
Exit strategy time
You think to yourself “should my suicide note rhyme?”
Think of the possibilities
Wrist slitting
Noose tying
Pill popping
Bridge jumping
Trigger pulling
If you were to cut
How much time would you have left on Earth
Before your “time”
Are your rope tying skills in their prime?
How many pills would you have to take
At one time?
How far of a height would you have to climb?
Do I pull the trigger when everyone is at bedtime?
Is it worth it?
I know you want to forfeit
I’m not telling you your feelings are illegitimate
But there are other ways to get your point across
Take up a sport
The ball will always be in your court
Take up art
You could be the next Beethoven or Mozart
Go outside for fresh air and sun
Vitamin D helps depression
Aka, will help you put down that gun
There is always someone there to listen
You are never alone, you were never abandoned
Please don’t hurt yourself
You are very much cared for
You are loved by all your friends, plus more
If you remember only one thing today, reader
Remember this
You matter

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Rayanne Esparza

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I am 21 years old, and have a burning passion for writing about topics that aren't discussed at the dinner table mainly in the style of free verse. Metal, punk rock, and poetry are 3 things that calm me down, and help me express my most inner raw emotions.
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