A Bug Named Jitters

A Bug Named Jitters long poem

Uploaded by Matt Decker

Once upon a rug,
Crawled an antsy bug.

This critter was in a dither.
He had a bud named Doug,
Who called him Jitters.

Doug was a go-getter,
While Jitters was a quitter.

This bug did not love
To act like a slug.
It was just
That his nerves often flittered.

“Can I plug ‘cross the rug
And not get smushed?
Why must this bug’s
Journey be so bitter?,”
Sounding like a zither,
Jitters asked Doug,
Who answered with a shrug.

“How can you lug
That smug look on your mug,
Like a contented Pug?,”
Asked Jitters to Doug,
Who, his heartstrings tugged,
Gave his bug-bud a hug.

“My dear friend Jitters,
I too am just a critter.
I’m not any fitter.

My bug life isn’t snug.
I too could get crushed
As I crawl upon the rug.

Danger is a heavy hitter.
With it this rug is littered.

I’m not super clever,
But in one thing I am better –
I won’t give in to the pressure,
The terror or whatever.
I will make a greater effort.

Am I fearless?
Not so much.
But I’ll try anyway
To cross this rug.”

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I am a former nonfiction/self-help author, having transitioned to writing fiction and poetry.
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