S.t.r.o.ng. long poem

Uploaded by Matt Decker

Here I am,
Marooned on this land.
My feet sink down into shifting sand.
At times it feels more like quicksand.
I look around, I scan –
The battle seems to be out of hand.
I need backup, a helping hand.
The enemy is close at hand.
I’m outmanned by that advancing band.
But I will win,
For one thing I understand –
I must — I can — I will stand

All around me,
Like flies they drop and fall.
Some rise back up, some crawl;
And some recover not at all.
The pitfalls, the downfalls, the freefalls –
These eyeballs witness it all.
I run through it all,
Only to run into a wall.
But I am not shaken at all,
For my embattled mind does recall
A man they called the Apostle Paul.
Like him, I stand —
I stand tall

Will I drown
In the depths of a world so dark?
I’m circled by piranhas,
I swim with sharks.
The situation is dire,
The condition is stark.
Only God knows what beneath me lurks.
Where is the light?
Not so much as an arc.
Then I think this thought —
It is I who must provide the spark

Assailed by negativity,
Still I will stand tall.
Through adversity and in captivity,
I’ll boldly stand through it all.

Come what may, however long,
I’ll (S)tand (T)all (R)egardless (O)f (N)e(G)ativity.
In short, I am S.T.R.O.NG.
Isn’t this the essence of positivity?

© Matt Decker

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I am a former nonfiction/self-help author, having transitioned to writing fiction and poetry.
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