Baby Grand

Baby Grand long poem

Uploaded by Matt Decker

Imagine if you will
As you read this tale
A dramatic crescendo
Of the musical scale.

Our story commences
Beyond picket fences,
Within a house so grand
In a variety of senses.

Up an ornate stairway,
Past sculptures and statues,
Down a galleried hallway,
We reach a baby blue room.

See that slowly-spinning mobile?
Underneath lies a peaceful child.

Look at him there —
All cuddly and cute;
The world outside —
He hasn’t a clue.

What no one could know or ever expect
Is the ginormous goings-on arriving next.

Time crawls on
And it becomes clear
That something’s wrong,
Something quite weird.

Too soon he zooms
Past diaper and crib
And booms out of bibs
At a super hyper clip.

Kin and citizens are rocked and shocked,
So you know they begin to talk:

“I’m all for
Nutrition and nurture,
But maybe this baby
Should ease up on Gerber.”

Before terrified eyes
He grows to the size
Of that mega movie gorilla;
Or that mutant dinosaur,
(“What a freakish eyesore!”)
He’s Goo-Goo-Ga-GaZilla.

Warning sirens loudly sound,
Police mandate higher ground:
“When that titanic tyke spits up,
You don’t wanna be in town —
It’ll be one chunky and smelly flood!”

No more Lego toy blocks;
Now he destroys housing blocks.

Like swatting away a pesty fly,
He does away with planes in the sky.

“Look at him waddle —
If he falls on us,
We’ll all become fossils!”

The military’s dispatched,
Deploying elite troopers;
But it’s no match
For this Super Pooper.

If these events seem extreme
And out of the mainstream,
Oh well…a baby can dream.
Can’t he?

© Matt Decker

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I am a former nonfiction/self-help author, having transitioned to writing fiction and poetry.
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