That essence
Those hands, that body that caresses
who breastfeeds us
that gives us life
starting an eternal struggle
who always leaves his teachings
Their loves
his consolations

That essence
that multiplies in the sister,
in the aunt, in the grandmother,
in the housekeeper
in the family friend

That essence
that finds echo in the teacher,
in the first conquest,
in the first friend
in that co-worker
that facilitates life with his smile
with his strength
with his presence

That essence
that radiate
which flower
watering its splendor in our heart

That essence
who becomes a couple
to deepen in fight
in sharing
in children
and continue the cycle of creation

That essence
which we protect
and we want
and we provide support
as a daughter

That essence
that in addition to a couple, a friend, a wife
becomes a lover

That essence
who happens to be a life partner
full of wisdom

That essence
thanks to which
and for which
we exist

That essence:

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Professor in Mathematics and Computing. Specialist in Computer Science. Magister and Doctor in Educational Sciences, Planning. Announcer. Diploma in Creative Writing. He has ventured into music, theater, radio and television. Some of his works have been published in anthologies and magazines. He has received international awards in poetry, dramaturgy and narrative. In favor of writing, music, computing, mathematics and beauty.
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