Bird Of Romance

She was not a virgin
But with beauty, she did reign
She was already married
But she arose to be adored

She was a widow
Her beauty and pride did glow
Borne already two children
But with second love, she was barren

To her lover, she was also older
But at first sight, the eyes of the Emperor became brighter
On just a gaze itself, he couldn’t resist
As her beauty penetrated to profoundly persist

When love had come
She wheedled with welcome
With intense ignition she bowled
With fire of love, his blood became boiled

Love comes all at once!
Duo drowned deep in love, thence!!
The balance tilted in her favor
Triggered was the mighty Emperor’s valor

He too was handsome
His love story was awesome!
Her beauty propelled her to become empress
Valor and victory he enjoyed with her were endless

He loved her to the point of madness
As he was terribly tempted by her cuteness
He held her like a treasure
With her alone, he got true pleasure!

His family felt her as the flawed company
But he resisted and held her as the honey
Though the Emperor was gloriously grand
He won with wedlock too, to hold her hand

She was the constant object of his thought
As she alone drove him to new heights of delight
She ruled his heart and soul
She continued to reign his life joyful

Her love was what he ever upheld
Even in the midst of every battlefield
She kept the flame of love burning
From the beginning unto his mourning!

Entire Europe was under his rule
But he found her alone as the sole
Endless authority over entire Europe he enjoyed
But without her, world appeared for him as void!

For the sake of an heir, she was divorced
Yet, he continued to remain as if seduced
Such amount of true love, none could address
Her flag flown high as the ever enticing empress

She is adored as the most seductive woman
Her name and fame is known even to a layman
His heart ever yearned only for her alliance
Yes! Josephine was more than a bird of romance!

His love remained with the same wavelength
Even with old age, when he lacked physical strength
His love for her stood as unflawed
Even when death had shadowed

History kissed him with pages of a mighty era
Just his name alone enough, no need to say extra!
Love embraces leaders and Generals too!!
His true love was alive even after the Waterloo!!!

Napoleon Bonaparte remains forever with worldwide fame!
Honoring the true love, he pronounced last, only her name!!
Thus even an Emperor will be bound, if you are a loving wife!!!
His love story confirms this as the cardinal message of his life!!!!

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Blessed with the chance to be nurtured with the nature, the Author hails from a small town, downhill the Western Ghats of India. He is a double Post Graduate -in Commerce and in Management and also a Graduate in law. He is a Civil Servant serving the Government of India in the rank of Deputy Commissioner. He has published 14 (Fourteen) Collections of poetry (in English). 11 Books were published during 2014, 2 during 2015 and 1 during 2017. These 14 eBooks cover a host of genres and are live at
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