Heaven Is Hell

“stay away” the voices screamed,
but my heart beat in denial,
everything i was taught
i remembered to forgot
he’s going to give you more pain
this your love is insane
i couldn’t let him go

you want to know about him?
everything to the brim
his hair is tousled and untrimed
white strands betray his personality
black eyes give the alluring vibe
he was hell
and i was so in love with him

everything is perfect with him
living in a disastrous world
but he’s danger i should stay away
but lord know’s I’ve tried it’s not working

he hates cupid,
said he was his cousin,
he loved fire,
said it lights up disaster,
he detested white
said it’s too predictable
what he didn’t know as he told me this
was i was falling in love in his tales

he loves flowers
the scent and sight
said i shouldn’t tell
he’s trying to keep up a front
he’s birthday is December 32
it doesn’t exist i told him
he said it’s what i know as January 1
i laughed out loud and he gave me a flawless smile

i saw him kill once,
his eyes became black pits
his hair highlighted the darkness
and his jaw was set
he didn’t recognize me
held the man above his head
squeezed the life out of him

i love you i once said
he was super mad
my feelings he couldn’t return
he didn’t flow with the sun
all in all
he was hell
and i was in love with his heaven

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