His Emma Nance

His Emma Nance elegy

Uploaded by Matthew Harris

loving male, natural
of pleasure, quintessentially
rendered suitable to us via way
ova our darling daughter.

tis the blessing of this average,
contemplative damn
ejected flotsam globular human
impish jokester kooky lamb
misunderstood nonestablishmentarian
outlier praises quality ram

rod sterling stately treasured undergraduate,
ventures wielding yawping zeal
asper near perfect synchronized
ventured capitalone bond
to me doth appeal
twas thankful

to seminal accomplishment
dearest Eden Liat exhibited
when smart as a
whip per snapper abilities did congeal
witnessing passing each grade
with flying colors –

electrifying mien kempf
as if stung from Alaska Bull worm eel
I ask you to – just take in stride
wordy way as sigh guide “sea legs” to feel
along murky medium,
how to communicate élan which doth heal

this figurative war torn, self strafed,
kamikaze buzz-feeding,
eventually fostered
grimacing hangdog ilk insensate
blitzkrieg assailed
middle aged married male –

during his early decades
endured passivity,
while peers viciously
throve on me with hate
page number two.

tread – pock marked
psychological scars perforated
positive faith in self,
only now I feel great,
whence untrammeled passion presumed

to be murmured between themselves
when alone pondering their fate
two vibrant young adults appear
especially well suited,
as two peas in a pod

a radiant ionic bond they plainly equate
(one comprising thee “star student” progeny),
supremely mature to date
and thee well groomed Emmanuel
dust blend harmonious with

“Ode to Joy” ye create
such an idyllic sight
engendering tears of happiness
buffer and shine each
alphanumeric byte, NOT phishing for bait
most pleasing sight
assuages psychic purposefulness,
Anorexia Nervosa once ate.

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