The Ant

The Ant short poem

I toil ceaselessly in the Summer,
to store in barns beneath the Earth for the winter.
I get scorched by the tropical Sun for a colony made sufficient,
yet without exhaustion, for my instincts make me efficient.
I gather, heap, build and get crushed in vigour,
yet I rid every site of the toll of labour.
Daily I move in a swarm to smite a prey,
to provide meats meant for the day.
I march dauntlessly, despite the risks inherent by day,
to places where predators on my kind prey.
Neither Lizard nor chameleon could inspire awe,
formidable though they seem, ready to strike with the tongue
or claw,
yet for the prized prey I go, with my Spirit undaunted,
because united with a swarm I stand, against
the awesome hunted.

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Joseph C Ogbonna

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Joseph Ogbonna is a prolific Nigerian poet.Hewas born on the 1st of may 1975 in the Nigerian commercial capital of Lagos.He has published two volumes of poetry and a novel, currently on sale in Amazon, Barnes and noble, authorhouse and other bookshops around the World.Joseph is a lover of classical music and opera, and loves to read the Bible and literary works of metaphysical poets.He resides in Enugu, South-East Nigeria
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