I long for a Pauper’s Grave

I long for a Paupers Grave short poem

When I depart the realm of the terrestrial
for the splendour of the celestial,
do not bury my remains in
the valley of the Kings,
for robbers would move
my bones in search of
gold rings.
I detest sharing the glory of the
blue-bloods with them in death,
but I would like my moulded
clay buried in the worm-infested
where it would nourish both worm
and field, and help moisture give life to
mother earth’s withered yield.

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Joseph C Ogbonna

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Joseph Ogbonna is a prolific Nigerian poet.Hewas born on the 1st of may 1975 in the Nigerian commercial capital of Lagos.He has published two volumes of poetry and a novel, currently on sale in Amazon, Barnes and noble, authorhouse and other bookshops around the World.Joseph is a lover of classical music and opera, and loves to read the Bible and literary works of metaphysical poets.He resides in Enugu, South-East Nigeria
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12 Comments on "I long for a Pauper’s Grave"

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Dust unto Dust..your poem aptly conveys that thought and the simplicity of your writing touches a chord . Nice writing!

Editorial Board

Even in Death, the affluent and the poor retain the marker that separates the relics of their stature. While wealth and grandeur determine the elaborateness of the burial, and embalming practices improve on the miasma of the corpse, the fact remains that the records still carry the stench where things are rotten. And hence, a pauper might still have a dignified place in death when not defiled by ambitious living.

Molly Patton

Your poem painted a picture in my mind. I could see it all. Very good.

Terry Watts

Very nice words.


@josephcogbonna I call this magic weaving of a thought. The idea is conveyed and it instantly makes an appeal. Pure magic.

Malcolm Massiah

It’s bad enough to be robbed in life, but also in death is the final insult. You’re a wise man.

Loved the poem.

Swathi Rao

Quirky, and some real food for thought.


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