One Family

One Family short poem


I dwell in a hut,
down, under the shade of that tree,
You stay in a nest,
up, on the branch of that same tree

Thinking thoughtfully
over thoughts – a while;
See every reason to
Believe and reveal….,

Dear bird – the very fact –
You too might accept
Most fervently and literally:
“We both belong to one and same family”

Sitting and singing closer to sky
At the tangible tips, my eye
Thy status and stature held high
Both in vision and mission, than I..!

I stoop down to its root
With dream and desire self-centered
All engrossing to add, but avarice
In lunatic pride and prejudice !

You, steep up to its fruit
With freedom, and wisdom erudite
Embracing the nature in delight
With luminous music day ‘n’ night !

Your life, how noble and rich !
I wonder, if I could ever reach !!

You are my superior and teacher
All time friend; I admire
At once my mentor and big brother
Not by age but deed, so mature!

Above creed, breed and species;
Beyond time, space and seas,
‘Love’ – the only religion – exists
That unites the universe, ours!

Dear Mate, listen to it, ringing
A song, like soft raining
At heart – with haunting refrain:
“We all belong to one and same family”

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KKV PeringottukaraOfficial Name : K.K. VENUGOPALAN.Employed in M/s. J.M. BAXI & CO., Bhavnagar, Gujarat – India, as - Asst.General Manager (Branch Head) Edu.Qlfn : M.A. E-Lit., PG Dip in Biz.Mgmt, Dip. in Eng.Journ.Have fascination for Literature, mainly poetry. Writing Poems & Articles in various periodicals – both Malayalam & English. Published Three books of Poems in Malayalam (Jaithrayathra, Thenthullikal & Punarjjani). Belonging to Kerala State, Peringottukara, Trichur Dist.Wife : Radha Venugopal, Daughter : Viji Nithin, Son : Sujith Venugopal
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