Cloudless Sky

A sky naked without clouds
Is no fun to watch and spend time
Shapeless clouds floating around
Makes the sky to be filled in charm
People’s mind is just like a plain sky
Without dreams and hopes at infancy
Mind grows wider at each life’s stage
Develops and creates a world their own
This is where cloud of dreams arrive
It swirls around in one’s mind like clouds
But soon outgrows to become life’s goals
Each cloud is of a unique dream that
One has to get hold of one from millions
Has to be carved and reshaped to purity
Just like a diamond from its ore
Determinance and effort are the keys
Opens the door to turn dreams to reality
Just like dreams ornament the mind
Clouds do so with the clear sky
Makes it beautiful to admire and watch
A cloudless sky is a good for nothing
Resembles a wasted life without goals
It’s just a loss of man’s life and time
A sky with clouds floating around is best
Gives a clear picture of good life ahead.

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Antresa John

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I am just a student who loves to write poems.... Poetry is my soul.. I express my feelings and whatever pops up in my mind through my own poems...i like to express and evolve my own ideas...
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