I Can’t Forget

I Cant Forget short poem

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I can’t forget those long walks
Across the roaring sea
I can’t forget those pancakes
That you specially made for me

I can’t forget those cold nights
We went through while star gazing
I can’t forget those moments
We had..they were amazing

I can’t forget those times when
We had those silly quarrels
I can’t forget how we fought
Without considering morals

I can’t forget the time when
I realised your perfection
I can’t forget that big day
The day of my confession

I can’t forget your answer
Your reply was way too quick
I can’t forget your words that
You said..it made my heart flick

I can’t forget your tender
Sweet..soft lips on our first kiss
I can’t forget your scent that
Gave me an unending bliss.

I can’t forget my feelings
My times ,when you were with me
I can’t forget as a couple
We really were too happy

I can’t forget I just can’t
Forget anything about you
I can’t forget my first love
I swear it was very true…….

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