Face your real face

Face your real face short poem

I’m a temporary guest,
I will one day fall and distinguish,
But you don’t deserve this title,
because you are going to be here,
you have the power,
to turn evil into goodness,
your destiny is different from mine,
I can only stare at you,
I’m so helpless..

You are a human being
and I’m just a star.

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I have a dream.. A dream about making people aware of my poems... For me,poem is a divine feeling.. Something that comes by itself.. No hard thought..and no hard invention.. I write to help people know that this life is a mystery.. You read, you understand it your way... Others read, they understand it their way... Life is a poem...a mysterious one....
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“Human beings have the capacity to differentiate good from the evil and to make a choice and this capacity makes them shine forth as stars in their own little universes. Their world might me infinitely small as compared to the world of stars but their goodness not only makes them unique but also adds a meaning to their own life and to every life they touch.”


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