Fire And Ice

Fire And Ice short poem

Photo by Bharath Kishore

A classic combination, a fairytale foretold
Dragons save princesses from knights in shining armor
Their lungs behold a blazing anger, protecting your gold
Convincing eyes always fool me a defining charmer
Fire rages
Let it breathe, listen to the crackling sound
Feel the heat emitted against tingling fingertips and distinguish
Freedom of expression and a shackling bound
When teardrops fall from my desolate face the flame will extinguish

Swirling yin yangs transformed me both malignant and benevolent
Polar opposites standing together on a balancing scale
Witches cast curses as I shiver in a frigid malevolent
Incomprehensible linguistics had me battling braille
Ice freezes
Her silence stunned me, a cold shoulder, a frozen atmosphere
Buried so deep, spent my time assembling new sin
Risen above the glacial underground, I the chosen volunteer
No longer was resembling human

I’m to blame for I inspire the vice
But you my darling are like fire and ice

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Kitchen during working hours, writer during leisure time. Vegetarian Adventurer
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