Masses Of The Heart

Masses Of The Heart long poem

Uploaded by Oscar Stuta

Lately we’ve done some growing up.
Without you I feel little different now.
The insect that whispered in my ear is no more.
No more going through turmoil now.

Loving hurt each and every time.
It’s the only thing I knew how to do it.
My love to you was like a blanket you could get rid of it.
Courage to love slowly faded away.

I never want this story to end.
But the pages tell of how one manipulated the other.
My love to you was like that ring you were in your finger.
Now I am going through the book to see where it all went wrong.

We kept out lover in a photograph.
The memories makes us human.
Giving you my all made me feel like a person.
I was enchanted to your heart.
I become a slave of having feelings for you.

Broken and betrayed every vow in my body.
Disregarded every Wiseman advise.
The picture that you painted in my face.
Remain there like a trauma experience in seconds.
All of it was a smoke screen.
To keep me close to you cruel intentions.

It gets easier with time that a lie.
The memories linger through the echo of the house each night.
The replay of affection the bed keeps reminding me.
The shattered glasses of the Windows on the floor shows misery of anguish I felt.

Tried taking the easy way out going to sea to drown.
I was rescued by strangers.
Now I am telling a tale of how the masses of the heart wounded me deeply than a knife could.
My soul has an opening of misery and pain.

Now that it’s an eve of our anniversary.
I feel clasta phobiac about the whole ideal.
I cannot be helped cause it’s psychological not physically.
The memories would not leave me alone.

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