The Guy In Gray Last March

The Guy In Gray Last March short poem

Photo by Kevin M. Gill

You drive me to the same place.
You steer so swift and safe.
You reached my waist behind your car,
In a land seems near,
Yet, so far.

Your face was so close to mine,
And I thought it was a sign,
Yet a false hope hidden,
In a facade lime.

We kiss countless times,
In a chamber,
Away from the world’s eyes.
Both surrounded by walls so high,
Built in from words full of lies.

I would never feel the same way,
As your scent haunts me
Night and day.

In my mind,
You’ve tied a lace.
For you to loose and tense,
So my mind is confused,
As if lost in a maze.

In this relationship that has never been
Yet we keep its pace.
Is such defines love?
But then,
I’ve felt a deep pain.

And being with you,
Makes me go insane.
Even if it all started from a game,
Where I’ve never known
Your name.
And why our paths crossed
Suddenly last March
You in gray.

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