God’s Newest Angel

God, my baby came to live with you
And she left some things behind.
The pink brush, it was her favorite
I would brush her hair before bed nightly.

She is going to be scared God.
Could you have an angel
Help her brush her teeth before
Bed, and maybe tell her a story?

I’ve brought some things for her God,
To help her through the days to come.
I have her fluffy kitten and a night light
To help her sleep. Just for a while please.

She will hide under the covers,
So hard to awake in the mornings.
Why am I telling You this? She is Your
Angel and you already know her.

Have patience with her Lord,
She is just a little girl.
If she draws on the clouds or
Laughs too loud, just love her.

I don’t know why You took her,
Or why she had such pain.
I would rather it had been me
And not Your newest angel.

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Randall Smith

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Not from anywhere but from everywhere Germany, Korea, Viet Nam, USA, Army Veteran, Germany 1966-1968, Viet Nam 1968-1969. Two kids and bunch of grandkids. Enjoy my Roses, fishing and card playing. I may not write for several months and then I can not stop for several weeks. I have notebooks with 4 or 5 lines only, waiting for me to return.
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