Blissful Ignorance

Blissful Ignorance short poem

Uploaded by Mandii

If Unicorns were real would you see what i see or remain stuck on the end of a leash ? do you believe in magic or has your mind been shut by society? have you lost your imagination ? no! Sold it with your soul for a bit of temptation. you believe the lies of hatred. they told you you’d never make it ! just another product of her environment ; her souls mine to keep! Sit down girl not another peep, stay were you are ; the ghettos where you’ll keep. We’re hungry so my brothers creep creep creep. These cycles were already on repeat ! You had us dangling by our feet destined for trauma , neglect and deceit . You almost had us but I got you beat , because now I say this truthfully, “my minds re-opened and I can see ;no longer blind roaming carelessly!

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Hi everybody :) My name is Mandii , I am 21 years of age and I love writing :) I'm new too all of this , I only come to realize , about a year and a half ago it was easiest for me to express my thoughts on paper . So I've now come to a point where I would love to pursue my writing and it would be helpful to get some constructive feed back :) also my words are raw so if i offend anyone , I'm sorry that's not my intentions :)
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