Of To Be A Poet True

Of To Be A Poet True long poem

Uploaded by Patricia A Fleming

To put words down on paper,
That can give a memory life.
To recreate a moment passed,
Long buried deep inside.

To compose a verse so eloquent,
It can cause a heart to break.
And lead the reader to feel that pain,
That only love can make.

To tell a story so filled with hope,
It can change a person’s view.
And give them strength to realize,
They can survive the bad times too.

To lift a person’s spirits,
Through words written with a smile.
To give them some serenity,
If only for a while.

To help the world to understand,
Those people they disdain.
Through words that make their torments real,
And their struggles more humane.

To put the sights of nature,
So powerful and fine.
Into phrases that reach off the page,
And bring its glory to our minds.

Oh, I long to be a poet true!
And show life’s beauty through my words.
To share my thoughts with others,
To let my heart unfurl.

I yearn to tell a tale so great,
It can make a person cry,
Or express myself in lovely words,
That instills vast joy inside.

I want so much to share my awe,
Of language at its best.
To create emotions through my words,
And take my readers on a quest.

Yes, a Poet is a dreamer,
Who lives through the words they write.
They want so much to share their souls,
And bring the world some light.

Yes, I long to be a Poet true
To let go of all I am.
And free myself through perfect words,
To be the best I can.

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Born and raised in Trenton, NJ. Worked as a Forensic/Psychiatric Social Worker for 36 years in a state facility. Retired over 1 year ago ans started writing more. Never married because my career was my life. Love reading, writing, hiking, doing anything in and around water, going to musicals. Love my 2 cats Sunny and Josh
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