Playing Hard To Get

Playing Hard To Get long poem

Uploaded by Oscar Stuta

She started to shake inside.
Felt sick with anger and distrust.
Now that the culprit that broke her heart was back in town.
The past memories where clouding his judgement.

Neither do I care.
As a far I am concerned the past is over . . Dead . . Finished.
She was immature and experienced to believed to be in love and that it will last forever.
Thoughts she didn’t want to acknowledge started to surface.
When he left her she thought she was part of his life plan.
When he uttered I love you that he meant he would always lover her.

There is no reason to start over again.
She could still smell the scent of his skin.
When she closed her eyes she could hear the sound of his breathing echoing in her ears.
She thrilled to the knowledge that her touch excited him.
How treacherous her heart made her to be.
Recalling the slightly rough sensation pleasure of delicate of friction caressing her lips.

It was him who made it hard for her to be loved again.
Because of him she distrusted her own judgement.
One of the hardest thing to believe is that love is synonymous with desire.

When you have realised that you are depriving yourself of happiness.
Due to the lack of moving on and facing reality.
That you are actually in love with the person that you dread to hate so much.
When the only solution is to admit to love him and find joy.

Why did you he not utter the words.
In fairly tales is always the man expected to make moves.
But men aren’t Gods.
There are only human with their feelings.
They suffer from all sorts of doubts, fears that we woman experienced.
They need the comfort of knowing they are wanted.
Choosen and loved plus valued.

I played hard to get cause I was scared of my own feelings.
That you will find me vulnerable and weak.
The love I have for you has overwhelmed me to forget the past things you did to me.
That I cannot live this world without you.
That you mistake no longer matter and forget them.
Because it’s only my heart and emotions that you have touched that draws me to you.
No man alive can do that touch my soul rather than my body.

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